The Solopreneur Accelerator Summit

Speaker Application

"If you have useful information that Solopreneurs can use to increase their chances of success, this summit will be the perfect opportunity for you to share what you know."


Speakers with practical information that our audience can use to help and support their businesses immediately

The Solopreneur Accelerator Summit is a multi-day event delivered online featuring guest speakers sharing their expertise.

The Solopreneur Accelerator Summit was created to provide useful, valuable information to Solopreneurs – business owners that are alone in their business, and have to deal with a range of topics such as:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Technology
  • Financial planning
  • Networking
  • Serving clients
  • And more!


As long as it’s valuable to Solopreneurs, no topic is off-limits!

Our target audience for the Solopreneur Accelerator Summit are coaches, authors, experts, trainers and therapists who are in the beginning phase of their journey, or may have been going for a while but are struggling to reach the next level of success.

Being a speaker is a great opportunity to reach a new audience and demonstrate who you are and what you do.

All of our speakers put their joint marketing efforts into making this event a success for everyone in attendance.

Here's what you get as a speaker...

Share your expertise with a new audience

Reach expected audience of over 1000+ Solopreneurs registered and eager to hear what you have to share

build your list with a free gift

Speakers will be given opportunity to share a free gift with the audience and build their lists

Partake in further promotional events

Speakers will have access to other promotional events such as the Midlife Solopreneur podcast or teaching opportunities to group coaching audience

Earn commission on upcoming offers

Become a Midlife Solopreneur affiliate and earn commissions from 20-100% on upcoming offers

Our speakers play a key role in the success of the summit; please review these speaker terms before applying

Pre-Event Promotion

Each speaker is required to send a minimum of three marketing emails to your main mailing list to promote the event. We will provide you with samples (swipe copy) and your affiliate registration link should you be selected. 

This promotion is a key part of the summit process for reaching over 1000+ expected registrants.

You will be eligible to receive affiliate commission for traffic you drive on several offers, such as “VIP Access” sales for the Solopreneur Acceleration Summit, as well as ticket sales for a Midlife Solopreneur event in February and any sales offers made there. You will not be eligible for any affiliate commission on back-end sales made by other summit speakers. Note: speakers will not receive direct compensation for any preparation time or the summit appearance itself.


During the Event

Please ensure that you have a stable internet connection, preferably a wired ethernet connection. Use a good quality webcam and microphone, and ensure you are well-lit with a minimal background so the audience can see you clearly and are not distracted. Please ensure you join the summit at least 5 minutes prior to your speaking slot, and that you have any speaking materials and sharable resources ready to go.

Each of the speaking slots are 45 minutes and will be presentation style followed by some Q&A. You may speak directly to the audience as well as use visual aids such as presentation slides, diagrams and screen sharing. Your talk should contain valuable, actionable advice that the audience can begin using immediately. Please ensure that your presentation is practical, rather than a “my story” talk.

Audience offer:
We encourage the audience to follow up with speakers they found valuable and engaging. However to ensure that we are protecting the audience from being inundated with paid products and services, during the event you are allowed to share one (1) of the following, along with your contact information.

  1. Link to a Lead Magnet such as a resource guide or checklist
  2. Invitation to a one-on-one strategy session
  3. Invitation to subscribe to your Podcast or YouTube channel
  4. Invitation to connect with you on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media channel

Please ensure any links shared are affiliate links that track results back to the Solopreneur Accelerator Summit.


Summit Deposit

If selected to speak at the summit, you will be asked to pay a refundable Reservation Fee to secure your speaking slot. We will complete your refund by Monday, Feb 8th 2021, as long as you meet the following conditions:

  • You complete the required promotional activities such as sending emails (please forward a copy of each email to
  • You provide working affiliate links where applicable
  • You show up on time for your talk and follow the allowed activities (e.g. no sales pitches)

By attending the Solopreneur Accelerator Summit you agree:

  1. To us using your name, photo, logos, and other material, that you provide, for promoting the event and in other promotional activities afterwards.
  2. That the recording of your presentation can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes by Steve Eriksen, The Midlife Solopreneur, and that it may be transcribed to be used on social media, podcasts, blogs, books, and any other format that we see fit.

The Solopreneur Accelerator Summit will take place January 18 - 22, 2021

Please complete the speaker form application below. We will be in touch to arrange an interview if your application is approved.

Whether your application is successful will depend on an evaluation of various criteria, in particular how much value you can deliver to our audience.

At the event, you should ideally present live; a pre-recorded presentation is only acceptable by prior agreement..

There are only a few required fields – if you do not have a full answer, please just explain in the box and give an estimated date of by when you will have the information.

Note that each session will be 45 + 5 minutes of Q&A minutes.

Steve Eriksen

My mission is to empower Midlife Solopreneurs to create a thriving online coaching business, by providing knowledge, help and support with marketing and technology.

I’ve helped people just like you transform the way they approach their business, helping them define a path forward and providing the guidance and support to implement strategies that work for them and their businesses.

As someone who’s been in the online marketing space for over 20 years, I’ve heard and seen it all – and I want to use my knowledge and experience to help YOU become a Trusted Advisor for your clients. 

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