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Gerry Foster

Big Brand Secrets Video Series
How to Look like A Big Brand … Without Spending Money Like One! Imagine how much easier it would be to sell your services if your business stood out in the marketplace as the #1 remedy for your clients’ problem. When you download my FREE Big Brand Secrets video series, you’ll learn the key branding strategies Fortune 500 companies use to attract clients, so you can create an irresistible brand for your business, without spending thousands of dollars a month on Facebook ads.

Jessica Koch

The Art of Prospecting
Free video training on a free prospecting tool

Jackie Simmons

Know, Like and Trust Factor Assessment
We believe that you’re worth getting to know. We believe that you’re on a mission, even if you can’t define it yet. We believe that trusting yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the world. Thank you for being you and being willing to get to Know, Like, and Trust yourself, just a bit more . . .

Kimberly Hobscheid

Remember Your Why
An inspirational journal for entrepreneurs

Heather Campbell

Legal Basics Bootcamp
In this FREE Legal Basics Bootcamp get access to essential legal information for entrepreneurs building successful businesses: Simple framework for business protection, specific action steps to get started, access to additional tools and resources and training on how to protect personal assets, client relationships and more.

Ellen Finkelstein

Daily Freebie Promotion Spreadsheet
What if it took just 5 MINUTES each day to bring in a continual stream of new subscribers? Systematize your listbuilding by promoting your free offers in social media groups * Easy to outsource * Once you set it up, it takes only 5 minutes a day! * Bring in a continual stream of new subscribers on autopilot!

Eric Rogell

Warrior Lover King Healer quick start guide
Understand your behavior archetype and discover some strengths you have, and weaknesses you may need to be aware of

Jena Rodriquez

Egoic Archetype Quiz
Why is knowing your Egoic Archetype so important? It’s your pathway to self-leadership, higher understanding, transformational change and emotional evolution. IT HELPS YOU GET MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE FASTER! When you know which archetype you are (AND the multiple Ego Tricks within your archetype that keep you playing small), you then know how your patterns and behaviors show up in life whether it’s in work, business, relationship or wealth!

Merri-jo Hillaker

Wealth Mindset Guide
Discover your relationship with money and build a wealth mindset
Text Purpose to 26786

Erin Loman Jeck

$10k from any stage blueprint and mini training
Learn how to convert more sales from any stage.

Natalie Cutler-Welsh

The 7F’s for Powerful Presenting – Online, On Stage or in the Media
These are the 7 crucial things you need to consider to powerfully present online, on stage or in the media.

Michelle Guinn

Regaining Focus E-Book
This E-Book Reveals Top 6-Step System To Regaining and Mastering Your Focus! – Discover how being focused can benefit you, but also how losing focus can be detrimental. – Establish the direction in which you want to go with your focus. – Learn to Eliminate Distractions. – Discover how to prioritize and plan.

Janice Porter

16 Point LinkedIn Checklist
PDF – 16 Must Haves on LinkedIn – Checklist

Nikki Gangemi

Aligned Beliefs For Business Success
The Aligned Beliefs for Business Success pdf walks you through 5 steps to transform fear into confidence and take the next inspired action step in your business!

Justin James

YouTube Publishing Checklist
There are several things you need to make sure of, before you publish your video, like – creating a thumbnail, writing optimised description, subtitles, etc etc. So, here’s the checklist of things you should do before hitting the publish button on YouTube.

Robert Evans

Discover a truly affordable app that will set you apart from your competition.

Tina Torres

7 ways to Attract, Gain & Retain your clients for life

Text CONNECTION to 26786

Erik Johnson

30-Day Podcast Launch Checklist and Training
Ready to launch your podcast? Get a FREE 21-step Checklist to launch your podcast. Get started creating your podcast today. Get a detailed video to walk you through the process and ensure you understand each step as you launch. Get a clear, step-by-step instructions. Everything you need to go from idea to published to launch in 4 WEEKS.

Michelle Abraham

Free Guide: 5 Steps to Create Predictable Podcast Profits on AutoPilot & 7 Top Places Where Podcasters Search for the Perfect Guests
Gift #1 – Free Guide: 5 Steps to Create Predictable Podcast Profits on AutoPilot (How Coaches, Course Creators, Consultants and Expert Entrepreneurs Can Turn a Podcast Into a Traffic, Leads and High-Ticket Sales Machine!) Gift #2 – 7 Top Places Where Podcasters Search for the Perfect Guests (So You Can Book Interviews to Grow Your Authority and Make a Bigger Impact)

Tony Guarnaccia

Small Steps Manifesto
Need to grow your busineess? Discover how the best businesses manage crisis to survive longer and emerge stronger in this 30+ page guide packed with valuable resources to help you right now.

Matthew McGregor

App-Design Strategy Session
Get on the phone with Matthew and map out the strategy & design for your mobile app (so that it’s easier to start getting more engagement and sales faster!)

Dan McPherson

Free Class: Personal Growth
The first Pillar of Leadership is Personal Growth, because the most challenging person to lead is ourself. This 1.5 hour training, which includes video content, tools, resources and more, is pulled directly from our powerful Foundations of Success Online Learning platform to give you the knowledge you need to lead more effectively.

Kimberly Weitkamp

How to Craft the Perfect Welcome Series
Use this handy guide to create memorable emails. Build the “know, like and trust” factor and win more long-term customers. Inside you’ll find the top 7 tips for more opens, more clicks and more sales. Discover top missed opportunities and how to build engagement from message #1.

RJ Redden

The Chatbot Dojo
Learn how to use chatbots in your business, and get invites to RJ’s events!

Claire Boscq-Scott

FREE Hardcover Copy of “Secret Diary of a Mystery Shopper”
In this book, read Claire Boscq-Scott, AKA the Busy Queen Bee, tells the tales of real-life Customer Service Stories, and learn how, through the eyes of someone else and setting up a Mystery Shopping programme, you could improve your employees’ performances, deliver exceptional customer experiences and thrive in your business.

Ann Ljungberg

9 Steps to Certification Mastery
This workbook will guide you to create your own plan for a certification program In 9 easy steps.

Mike Wolf

The Top 7 Ways to Invest In Real Estate, Even If You Have Little Or No Money!
Get This e-book FREE! The Top 7 Ways to Invest In Real Estate, Even If You Have Little Or No Money!

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